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The Corporation: Zeitgeist Films

The Merchants of Cool: A Report on the Creators and Marketers of Popular Culture for Teenagers

From the Media Education Foundation:

Captive Audience:  Advertising Invades the Classroom

Mickey Mouse Monopoly:  Disney, Childhood, and Corporate Power Wrestling with Manhood:  Boys, Bullying, and Battering. 

Killing Us Softly: Advertising’s Images of Women

Game Over:  Gender Race and Violence in Video Games

Slim Hopes:  Advertising & the Obsession with Thinness

Deadly Persuasion:  The Advertising of Alcohol and Tobacco

Pack of Lies:  TheAdvertising of Tobacco

Advertising and the End of the World

Jean Kilbourne's pioneering work helped develop and popularize the study of gender representation in advertising. Her award-winning Killing us Softly films have influenced millions of college and high school students across two generations and on an international scale. In this important new film, Kilbourne reviews if and how the image of women in advertising has changed over the last 20 years.