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Electric Youth:  Why Susan Linn and her Tiny Non Profit have become a Child Marketer's Worst Nightmare.

Boston Magazine

February, 2012


Its an Ad World After All: Is it legal for a company to take out Internet ads on your name after you've filed a complaint against it? Apparently so.

American Prospect

September, 2011


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Book Lust with Susan Linn (audio interview)
Book Lust, September 11, 2008


Is the Iraq War Just?  Maybe for Baby Einsteins

January 16, 2007



January 27, 2005


The cellphone industry wants . . .your child

April 4, 2005


Baby love, TV baby love

August 23, 2005


Bill Cares . . . but does Nick?

November 13, 2005


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Are Corporations Abducting Your Child's Imagination?, 2008


Commercializing Childhood

Multinational Monitor, July/August 2008


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USA Today, July 25, 2008


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Tikkun, July 2005


Food Marketing in the Context of a Marketing Maelstrom

Journal of Public Health Policy, 2004

Volume 25 #3/4


The American Prospect, October 23, 2000


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Boston Sunday Globe, July 9, 2000


How about The Sopranos sell... soda?
Boston Sunday Globe, May 21, 2000


Electronic marketing: `Here, kiddie, kiddie!'
Boston Sunday Globe, January 16, 2000


Stop Marketing "Yummy Food" To Children
Christian Science Monitor
Susan Linn & Diane Levin


The Real Trouble With Teletubbies: 

American Prospect, May/June 1999

Susan Linn & Alvin Poussaint